RDR: Undead Nightmare

I worked as a systems designer on RDR: Undead Nightmare. I spent most of my time converting or developing scripted systems to accommodate the various changes that DLC made to existing gameplay. Some of these systems were: DLC framework, asset conversions, event launching, combat, weapons, looting, outfits, cutscenes, tutorials, stat tracking, weather, and general ambience.

Here are some videos that show a little of everything RDR: Undead Nightmare has to offer. Since I worked on systems for this DLC, I thought it would be the best way to showcase some of the things I had a chance to do. Of course, in a game as large as this everything is worked on by many people including: producers, writers, animators, modelers, programmers, testers, and other designers.



RDR: Undead Nightmare Montage

This montage has a little taste of everything, from narrative, to combat, to the ambience of the game. There are many examples of my work on the various scripted systems, including: someone transforming from a human to a zombie, zombie decapitation, special zombie deaths like toxic ones that explode, special weapon effects on zombies like the blunderbuss insta-gib, four horses of the apocalypse special abilities like decapitating nearby zombies, special outfit abilities, looting corpses, crafting power-ups, cutscenes for special player/zombie attacks, tutorials to teach all of the new features, and weather scheduling/mixing.