Saints Row: The Third

I worked as a technical designer on Saints Row: The Third. My main responsibility was helping designers with Lua scripting and using proprietary content creation tools. I also helped support these tools and made some front end improvements using Python. To gain further insight into the design process for future projects, I took over the scripting of one of the game's core missions.

Here is the mission I worked on for Saints Row: The Third. Although I was a technical designer on this project, I had a chance to script one of the game's core missions. The goal was to get a better idea what a mission designer goes through so we could help them more on future projects. Of course, in a game as large as this everything is worked on by many people including: producers, writers, animators, modelers, programmers, testers, and other designers.



Mission 18 - Pimps Up, Hos Down

This is one of the more outrageous missions in Saints Row: The Third, and that's saying a lot. It focuses on a drugged and kidnapped player fighting his way through a BDSM club, naked, to save his homie Zimos. The mission is a core combat mission, which makes the gameplay fairly straightforward, with no set-pieces or special features. Some notable challenges were: scripting a mission in a system I was unfamilar with without much time, using only existing features and assets while trying to make it feel unique and fresh, managing consistent enemy spawning to keep the tension high, and integrating the drug effects and animations.